2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Dimas Bencomo

Habana Cuba
My work was born from experiences with my maternal grandparents, people, who never discarded anything, always found a solution to prolong life to these objects, I as a child was at last a sponge and observed all the creation that Emanated from his patches. That is where I felt the need to show my experiences and concerns through art, these objects that for many were useless to others served to mend their "lives" and it is there that with these objects with which I grew up, I felt the security of Show my speech to the world. I am a recycler of beautiful things showing waste of worldly evidence where they investigate in the complex minutiae of Cuban daily life; Denoting our anguish of clinging to the most elementary things and not being able to take them away even though they have lost their use value, which I as a transmute artist in a symbolic value and even renewed In my beginnings, the central objective was to continue to give life to these tarecos, even if they had exceeded their limits of use, thus giving them different and new functions for those who were created or conceived from the beginning. Nowadays these objects are already part of my life and what I do is to represent emotions, experiences, experiences and concerns through my icons and objects, without losing the irony and suggestion that has carried the work from the beginning. Already in this opportunity I look with a broader vision and I go further than an always illustrated patchwork or solution of the object, not forgetting that these are the foundation of all the evolutionary stages already seen in my work. They are objects that raise them to a step further and endow them with certain emotions, to the point that they could be perceived humanized. It is like the story of the man told by his things. For this reason, I do not need the human presence in my work I am an artist who interprets my life and everything that surrounds me, what I do is to reflect that accumulated experience that these objects have and through them I tell my story showing experiences and concerns, where I customize the viewer the way I like Quixote At last I conceive and visualize everything through my tarecos, which take center stage and are a constant in my pictorial creation, engendered since the beginning of the work. It is a work that comes from painting as the highest expression of the genuine and awe-inspiring. Transforming it into an ideo-aesthetic construction, it is enough to observe the mechanism and composition of these crazy artifacts to take us as a reference or starting point, I show the synopsis of the metaphor life and death, memory and oblivion, where the most diverse elements Reveal united with each other by secret relationships, where the human being is alluded to by the objects he produces, which he personalizes, giving us new visions and perspectives when looking at what we are and why we exist, thus showing the becoming of man of one Singular way: through my objects. I consider myself a dreamer and consequently in many cases the titles are based on the perspective of my allegation. I work in shaping the serialization of a group of objects found and aesthetically re-complexing them. So this idea gave me the necessary foundation to reveal the reflections about my world and everything that surrounds it.
© Dimas Bencomo | Desorientado. 6982
2017 Painting | Desorientado.
mixed/canvas, 1.11 x 1.38 , 2011
USD $4,000
© Dimas Bencomo | Eco perturbador  6983
2017 Painting | Eco Perturbador
mixed/canvas, 0.91 x 1.30 , 2011
USD $3,000
© Dimas Bencomo | Optimista o soñador 6984
2017 Painting | Optimista O Soñador
mixed/canvas, 0.75 x 1.25 , 2013
USD $2,500
© Dimas Bencomo | Visiones de un Quijote 6997
2017 Painting | Visiones De Un Quijote
mixed/canvas, 1.30 x 1.50 m, 2016
USD $5,500
© Dimas Bencomo | En lo más alto del umbral 7323
2017 Painting | En Lo Más Alto Del Umbral
mixed/canvas , 39.5 x 27.5 , 2011
USD $1,800