2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Nils Hasche-Vasquez

Brooklyn NY USA
New York City Windowscapes are a group of paintings from Nils Hasche-Vasquez's current work depicting a variety of Window Landscape scenes of NYC that Hasche-Vasquez calls “Windowscapes”. The Windowscapes depict personal views witnessed, synthesized, and photographed by the artist Hasche-Vasquez of archetypical views of NYC from and through windows. These images purposely comprise closely cropped dwellings crammed together that have unexpected little surprises, moments of glory, and details that only someone who has lived in NYC might appreciate. Hasche-Vasquez’s Windowscapes purposely stray away from iconographical references to tourist attractions; the color palette is intentionally nonrepresentational, and Abstract Expressionist. Metaphorical symbols of art in general terms are explored throughout Nils Hasche-Vásquez’s artwork. The Windowscapes of NYC series encompasses exploration of windows as metaphors in many ways. The edge of the canvas and the metaphorical window frame relate to the viewer by separating the viewer from the illusionary world of the painting but simultaneously serving as an architectural gateway to the “virtual” (1) reality of the painting through a transparent view of the world through the artist’s lens. This invites the viewer to see the somewhat representational view of NYC through the personal perspective of the artist Nils Hasche-Vásquez. The importance of windows as metaphors is a subject that many famous artists have used through out history and that arguably created the abstract conceptual framework which allowed people to be able to accept the conceptual implications of the digital platform upon which most contemporary technology is based. In an ever-changing society where the emphasis is placed on faster newer technology and gadgetry, I find it increasingly important to remember and inform my artistic dialogue through a tactile approach to compensate for the sometimes ingenious quality digital medias can elicit. In the future, I would like to expand my Windowscapes theme to include Windowscapes of other cities both foreign and domestic. Up until now, my Windowscapes have been informed by the NYC Metropolitan area as a framework to build my metaphorical compositions and a change of location could further develop my understanding of windows in paintings. (1)Friedberg, A. (2006), The Virtual Window: From Alberti to Microsoft, The MIT Press, Cambridge Massachusetts pp.9
© Nils Hasche-Vasquez | Smiling Java 3363
2013 Painting | Smiling Java
Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30 inches, 2013
USD $1,300
© Nils Hasche-Vasquez | Skipping Corners 3364
2013 Painting | Skipping Corners
Acrylic on Canvas, 18x24 inches, 2013
USD $1,000
© Nils Hasche-Vasquez | Around The Bend 3368
2013 Painting | Around The Bend
Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40, 2011
USD $1,400
© Nils Hasche-Vasquez | Soho Synergy 3370
2013 Painting | Soho Synergy
Acrylic on Canvas, 24x36, 2013
USD $1,400
© Nils Hasche-Vasquez | Pacific Crossing 3372
2013 Painting | Pacific Crossing
Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30 inches, 2013
USD $1,300
© Nils Hasche-Vasquez | Brooklyn Crossbeams 3374
2013 Painting | Brooklyn Crossbeams
Acrylic on Canvas, 36x24 inches, 2013
USD $1,400
© Nils Hasche-Vasquez | Fashion Forward 3375
2013 Painting | Fashion Forward
Acrylic on Canvas, 30x24 inches, 2013
USD $1,300