2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Maxine Nodel

Yonkers NY USA
I have always been fascinated with design and explore the relationship between art and nature, art in math. Surrealist design becomes a meditative process for me, and the metamorphic imagery that emerges defines what, I believe to be, my story and commentary on the peripheral world. I work in a wide variety of media including ink, marker, pencil, dyes, watercolor, acrylic and oil.
© Maxine Nodel | Life Cycle 5462
2014 Graphics | Life Cycle
Ink, Pencil, Acrylic, 12" x 12", 2013
USD $1,000
© Maxine Nodel | i of the Beholder 5463
2014 Graphics | I Of The Beholder
Ink, Pencil, Pastel, 11" x 14", 2013
USD $1,500
© Maxine Nodel | In Time 5464
2014 Graphics | In Time
Ink, Pencil, Acrylic, 12" x 12", 2014
USD $1,000