2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Cecil Lee

New York NY USA
My objective is to create art, which reflects subliminal messages where content, color, hue, texture and depth evokes emotions creating a subliminal stamp, which the viewer takes with them. The nature of my obsession with much of my art encompasses the use of my photographic images and scanned paintings combined with art I create with a digital drawing/painting pad and programs like Photoshop. I call this art form Computer Evolved Art. CEA is an art form in which the photographer, computer artist, painter or illustrator uses the computer as a tool to bring about the evolution of their work into unique works of art. Computer Evolved Art pays homage to the artists by attempting to define the computer as a tool used for the transformation of art. Unlike the often referred to terms of computer art, digital art, computer generated etc. which tend to give the computer precedence over the human creators of the work. I strongly embrace the concept of altering ones preconceived ideas of art and life in order to discover what is NEW. Conceptually, NEW is similar to what is often referred to as the innocence of a child, for me it is the imagination of an artist.
© Cecil Lee | Metropolis Duo on 8th Avenue 3295
2013 Photography | Metropolis Duo On 8Th Avenue
Ink on canvas, 17"x20", 2011
USD $750
© Cecil Lee | Banana Garden Nude 3296
2013 Mixed Media | Banana Garden Nude
Ink on canvas, 16"x24, 2012
USD $900
© Cecil Lee | Metamorphose 3297
2013 Mixed Media | Metamorphose
Ink on canvas, 15"x20", 2012
USD $900
© Cecil Lee | :Lakeside 3298
2013 Mixed Media | :Lakeside
Ink on canvas, 16"x12", 2012
USD $850
© Cecil Lee | Followers 3299
2013 Mixed Media | Followers
Ink on canvas, 25"x30", 2012
USD $1,200