Artist Official Entries

Tina Psoinos

New York NY USA
Intrigued by street art and it’s ephemeral, ever- changing nature, I create art using mixed traditional and street art techniques with street art aesthetics. Tears and folds are intentional mimicking the multi-layered and torn images of street posters. While the subject matter varies, my works are explorations of recurring layers of memory and reflections on time, often referencing pop culture with a political twist, while engaging the viewer in a playful array of light and texture, allowing for their own particular associations to come through.
© Tina Psoinos | Love Explosion 8480
2018 Mixed Media | Love Explosion
Mixed Media, average 16"x20" each, 2018
USD $1,600
© Tina Psoinos | Untitled 8481
2018 Mixed Media | Untitled
Mixed Media, average 30"x80" eac, 2018
USD $9,000
© Tina Psoinos | UntitledAbstract Pop 8482
2018 Mixed Media | Untitledabstract Pop
Mixed Media, average 32"x40" ea, 2018
USD $7,000
© Tina Psoinos | My Life with the Wave 8483
2018 Mixed Media | My Life With The Wave
Mixed Media, average 30"x40" eac, 2018
USD $6,000