2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Samir Sammoun

Montreal Canada
From the artists Wikipedia page: "Sammoun works in a series of images from one palette. He works with oils on jute and linen canvas, applying a heavy impasto, created in fast emotional bursts of energy. The result is a spontaneous rendering of the subject, as if a flickering effect of light is coming through, reflected by the colors he places side by side and on top of one another on his canvas."
© Samir Sammoun | City By Night 4919
2014 Painting | City By Night
Oil on linen canvas. Original , 36 X36, 2014
© Samir Sammoun | Apple Orchard in Bloom 4920
2014 Painting | Apple Orchard In Bloom
Oil on linen canvas. Original, 48 X 60 , 2014
© Samir Sammoun | Walking With Giants, Autumn 4921
2014 Painting | Walking With Giants, Autumn
Oil on linen canvas. Original , 48 X 60 , 2014