Artist Official Entries

Nita Patel

Dallas TX USA
Nita Patel’s life of art began upon hearing the fable of the Balinese dragon, the Naga who claims to protect its people during the day and descends the ocean at night to see his true love, the Pearl.  John Hardy’s Naga collection sparked her desire for creative expression and she began creating Asian inspired art, which has evolved to incorporate her spirituality and ideation of love depicting both direct and indirect interpretations.   Her abstract work embodies the unknowns we struggle to untangle where enlightenment is the only way out.  Sharing her creative interpretations with others is her way of passing the message forward. Her message to you: Those who admire and appreciate the arts, connect through their own stories and emotions to find inspiration, beauty and solace. Find the beauty and inspiration within you and you’ll effortlessly see it in all things around you.
© Nita Patel | Aphrodite 8542
2018 Painting | Aphrodite
acrylic on canvas with silk and metal accessories, unstretched, 54x70", 2015
USD $23,000
© Nita Patel | Romeo  8543
2018 Painting | Romeo
Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40", 2014
USD $11,000
© Nita Patel | Je ne sais quoi 8544
2018 Painting | Je Ne Sais Quoi
acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30", 2014
USD $7,000