2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Asya Dodina Slava Polishchuk

Brooklyn NY USA
We are immigrated to New York in 1996, leaving Moscow, the place we spend our childhood and youth. Suddenly, everything was new and unfamiliar – landscape from the window, different language, even sounds of the streets. It was overwhelming. The main theme of the series Reminiscences is our experience of immigration, wandering, and not belonging, as well as search of metaphysical home. Our project is based on reminiscences of our personal journeys. After almost seventeen years in New York, images of the places we used to live are still in our memories. In our project, we are reconstructing fragments of these images, and they juxtaposed freely with our thoughts and recent events of you lives. Images of the nests and birds are symbolic and associated with our search and longing for home. Another important theme of this project is addressed to the invasion of technology in our lives; therefore our choice of media is essential. We are intensively exploring new materials and combinations. We are interested in the transforming fragments of widely used everyday technology into rich three dimension textures. Destroyed computers and cellphones embody fragments of memories. In Reminiscences we paint over the debris of computers, old cellphones, wires, everyday objects, photographs, and fabric, attached to the canvases. We investigate the effect of juxtaposing the images, drawn with graphite on rice paper or made from Papier Mache and colorful relief fields of the backgrounds.
© Asya Dodina Slava Polishchuk | Paradise 2676
2013 Mixed Media | Paradise
Mixed Media, 30"-22", 2012
© Asya Dodina Slava Polishchuk | Time to Say Goodbye 2679
2013 Mixed Media | Time To Say Goodbye
Mixed Media, 30"-22", 2012
© Asya Dodina Slava Polishchuk | Keeper # III 2680
2013 Mixed Media | Keeper # Iii
Mixed Media, 30" - 22", 2012