2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Colette Crutcher

San Francisco CA USA
These works are part of a series I began while spending two months living and working in Manhattan. For a San Franciscan, this NYC sabbatical was a stimulating and at times overwhelming break from my career as a public artist working primarily with mosaic and handmade tile. In order to ground myself and focus my thoughts, each day I chose a word at random from a book, using the letters to initiate a composition. The meaning of the word sometimes influenced the visuals, but generally the composition is purely abstract. The letters themselves have often become obliterated in the painting process.
© Colette Crutcher | Confession 4991
2014 Painting | Confession
Casein and prismacolor on paper, 7" x 7", 2014
USD $600
© Colette Crutcher | The... 4994
2014 Painting | The...
Casein and prismacolor on cardboard, 7x7", 2014
USD $600
© Colette Crutcher | Understanding 5051
2014 Painting | Understanding
Casein , 8x8", 2014
USD $600
© Colette Crutcher | Cliff 5052
2014 Painting | Cliff
Casein , 7x7", 2014
USD $600