Artist Official Entries

Namrata Lodaya

Mumbai India
The journey through Art that I create and work on are the influence of the state of mind and the effect of the situation and state of the society in which I am living in that moment. As an Artist, I get engrossed in the thought which comes across or the thing I have observed with extreme detail. I wander on very different ideas which are sometimes considered to be extremely silly by the people around me My past Artworks have their own story and underlying reasons about when it was created and what was my state of mind that time. Once someone has observed the change in the pattern and style according to the time and date, they will be able to understand or rather will be able to create their own storyline about what would have been my state of mind during the moment when the particular artwork was created. I work everyday with a fresh mind or on a plain diary page, where I pen down my current thoughts and it's artistic representation. Even if I am not very good with my vocabulary but I tend to write my heart out every time. Present moment is the most important part of my life and hence working on the series 'The Erasing Past' which helps me understand the present with new perspective without trying to be influenced by past and only inspiring me to move forward to reach 'Volume Zero' - my ultimate goal. Volume Zero is the project I am working on and 'The Erasing Past' is the pathway I have selected and found to reach there. I may succeed or fail since the destiny is always unpredictable.
© Namrata Lodaya | VACCUM  9340
2018 Mixed Media | Vaccum
Wooden canvas frame and Eraser dust, 16"× 7"×24", 2018
USD $7,500
© Namrata Lodaya | Temporary - The Erasing Past series 9341
2018 Mixed Media | Temporary - The Erasing Past Series
Wooden frame, paper, graphite and Eraser, 18"× 6" ×1", 2018
USD $5,000
© Namrata Lodaya | Shadow - The Erasing Past series 9342
2018 Mixed Media | Shadow - The Erasing Past Series
Teak wood and eraser dust, 11"×6"×1.5" wood, 11" ×1.5" floor shadow dust, 2018
USD $7,500
© Namrata Lodaya | Till Now - The Erasing Past series 9343
2018 Mixed Media | Till Now - The Erasing Past Series
Wooden frames and Eraser dust, 103"×3"×0.5", 2018
USD $10,000