2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Denise Dube

Long Beach CA USA
'I don't create pictures, I make goosebumps' Alfred Hitchcock. Oh when I heard him say that while watching his "Lifeboat" black and white, I was bowled over. THAT is what I want my work to do.. I started out as a bored lonely American teenager when my father took a job in the Middle East. Mom bought me a Minolta 35mm through the military APO catalogue. Well Booraaahhh! That was when the passion of photography found me, and I went out at 14 and found new worlds. With my camera I was not afraid to go anywhere alone. Soon after, by age 15 I was paid by International Newspapers and travel publications for my work .. Corporate America pulled me away from my passion for a few decades, but years later while in Europe on vacation my true love found me again. I gave up the security of corporate America and I have held a camera in my hand ever since. Although I shoot anything that intrigues me, Black and white, night (blue hour) and Landscape is my passion although I tend to go off on other tangents i.e abstract photography. My main website is www.Grinsandgoosebumps.com and I also sell my work on http://denise-dube.artistwebsites.com/ . For those that enjoy my work, thank you...
© Denise Dube | Broke 4664
2014 Photography | Broke
Photography, 24 x 17.3, 2014
USD $250
© Denise Dube | Geometric Web 4822
2014 Photography | Geometric Web
Photography, 30 x19.88, 2014
USD $200
© Denise Dube | Stairway to Heaven 4823
2014 Photography | Stairway To Heaven
Photography, 24 x 13.50, 2013
USD $175