Artist Official Entries

Carolin Rechberg

New York NY USA
Through the study and exploration of art and observation of nature, Carolin Rechberg gains insight into the layers, principles, patterns and rhythms of information which come together in artworks and life. In response to content and situation, her interdisciplinary work results in different mediums from ceramic, drawing, installation, painting, performance, photography, printmaking, sculpture, writing and vocal music. The work is guided by instinctual and carefully considered gesture. In the encounter of the senses with material, presence in process and space is emphasized. Through conscious choices of colour, composition, dimension, perspective, scale, and texture, a state of being and recognition is reflected.
© Carolin Rechberg | Discovering to ground in Perspective 8538
2018 Graphics | Discovering To Ground In Perspective
Etching, 50 x 26, 2018
USD $250
© Carolin Rechberg | Einai Ego Ousia / Becoming my Essence 8539
2018 Graphics | Einai Ego Ousia / Becoming My Essence
Etching, 50 x 26, 2018
USD $450
© Carolin Rechberg | Narration of Wood VII 8540
2018 Graphics | Narration Of Wood Vii
Woodblock Print, 50 x 26, 2017
USD $250
© Carolin Rechberg | Origin 8541
2018 Painting | Origin
Mixed Media, 83 x 105 , 2016
USD $5,000