2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

matej zorec

ljubljana Slovenia
Only a woman who brings life, can beat the time, like Gea beated Chronos. These are allegories of great women's lives. They are all members of Angeline clocks family, uniquely designed and handmade created as preciouse house jewerly. If clock mechanism is a clock's heart, then my work is createing clock's body.
© matej zorec | allegorical clock Vida 3417
2013 Sculpture | Allegorical Clock Vida
wood, brass, 45/8/26cm, 2010
USD $3,800
© matej zorec | allegorical clock Alma 3419
2013 Sculpture | Allegorical Clock Alma
wood, brass, 16/23/35cm, 2012
USD $5,300
© matej zorec | allegorical clock Europa 3416
2013 Sculpture | Allegorical Clock Europa
wood, brass, 40/17/23cm, 2009
USD $4,600