2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Marta Finkelstein

Bloomington IN USA
I make art because it is a way for me to address issues that are otherwise very difficult to talk about. My most recent work addresses the role of sexual repression in a patriarchal society, and the negative results that occur for the individual. Sexuality is part of us, it drives us, and it is embedded in our nature, yet all too often it is viewed as dirty or ‘evil.’ Throughout history, sexual repression has manifested itself within society as imbalanced power structures. Those who hold more power often abuse it in order to marginalize those who do not conform to the hegemonic sexual norms. My current work incorporates animal imagery as a metaphor for acts of cruelty propagated against humanity. It seems to me that we are desensitized to the image of human suffering; therefore I have used animal imagery to resonate in a different way. I play with a ‘cute’ aesthetic in order to emphasize their position as powerless creatures. Cute objects are naturally perceived as nonthreatening and weak, which gives rise to an asymmetry of power between the viewer and the object. Their eyes are enlarged, they have no teeth or claws, they are completely nonthreatening in their general anatomy. Yet these cute animals have a grotesque side: the evidence of torture. Tragic tales are told by eyes filled with pathos and suffering. I find inspiration in telling stories that some people are afraid to hear.
© Marta Finkelstein | Shame 3863
2013 Sculpture | Shame
Ceramic, acrylic, copper, leather, polym, 12"x8"x8", 2013
USD $2,500
© Marta Finkelstein | Guilt 3864
2013 Sculpture | Guilt
Ceramic, acrylic, copper, twine, dried f, 12"x12"x6", 2012
USD $2,300
© Marta Finkelstein | For Her Honor 3865
2013 Sculpture | For Her Honor
Ceramic, acrylic, stone, 4"x5"x12", 2012
USD $1,500