Artist Official Entries

Rafat Emamieh

Annapolis MD USA
I have grew up in an artistic environment. Participating in art festivals and exhibition inspires me and keeps me a live! Participating in art exhibitions and meeting other artists for me is as crucial as water is for fish. The issue of "Immigration" has been occupying my mind for many years and it has been the main subject of my art works and paintings. Immigration is not a new concept and not only for human being, but other species immigrate too. I myself am an immigrant myself and left my home town when I was young to pursue art in the university in Tehran. Later on I immigrated to US. Lately in many of of my paintings I was inspired by symbols and elements in old Persian tiles from 12 century ago.
© Rafat Emamieh | Untitled 8294
2018 Painting | Untitled
Green Immigration , 30'x40', 2018
USD $980
© Rafat Emamieh | Immigrant from Golden Land  8290
2018 Painting | Immigrant From Golden Land
Acrylic , 26'x32', 2017
USD $1,800
© Rafat Emamieh | Banned Immigrant 8291
2018 Painting | Banned Immigrant
Mix Media , 20'x16', 2017
USD $890
© Rafat Emamieh | Immigration 8292
2018 Painting | Immigration
Mix Media , 20'x16', 2018
USD $980