2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Emreyunus Artist

Istanbul Turkey
2 ARTISTS 1 SIGNATURE! Twin brothers Emreyunus were born in Afyon in 1979 and graduated from S.D.U of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Department in 2001. They were awarded in Istanbul Artist 2000 and TRT International Art and Ceramic Competition later in 2001. The twin brothers, who moved to Philadelphia, USA in 2001 and continued their art activities, also went on performing art in Toronto, Canada. Following their activities abroad, they opened up the first and only art centre in the Aegean Region in the historical site of 3000 m2 and they were entitled “Don Quixote” and “Flowers in Bloom in the Steppe” in media and press, which marked a milestone. As they hosted various artists in the meantime, they also welcomed the national and international state-level protocol. Owing to their social sensitivity, they hosted various congresses of the foundations such as Tema Foundation at their premises. They completed each of their work in the same field of the art literature of the world, which was a milestone in this field with the slogan of “2 Artists 1 Signature”. Independent twin brothers Emreyunus earned the appreciation and admiration of various famous artists and figures from disciplines of the world’s art. Yet they refuse to be imprisoned in just one category of art or design. They believe that the design cycle is an intuitional process, per se. They address five senses with the radical work they create. They are experimental, unbound and mysterious. Works of the artists are included in the National Library Collection in Ankara and public institutions in the country and abroad, as well as the special collections. Emreyunus is a member to the International Association of the Artists and Sculptors and World’s Artistic Games. Exhibitions 2000 Istanbul Artist 2000 2001 Diploma Projects they carried out at University Alumni Fair, SDU University of Fine Arts 2001 TRT International Art and Ceramic Exhibition 2001 Temple University/ Group Exhibition, USA 2002 Love Park, Group Exhibition, USA 2003 Import Temptations Inc./ Exhibition/ Canada 2004-2005 Emreyunus Art Centre/ Exhibition 2005 Turkish World Group Art Exhibition 2006 AKM Art Gallery 2007 GESAM Group Art Exhibition 2008 Group Exhibition organised within the scope of Altın Koza Film Festival 2009 8th March, World Women’s Day, Group Exhibition 2010 International Türksoy Art Exhibition 2011 Viaport AVM/ Group Exhibition 2012 Atika Art Gallery 2013 BRHD 43th. Grant Exhibition / Ankara 2013 World Art Games / Zagreb / Croatia 2013 Personal Art Exhibition / Zagreb / Croatia 2013 Kanyon Art Gallery 2013 All Arts Istanbul Proje 4L Elgiz Modern Art Museum AWARDS 2000 Istanbul Artist 2000 2001 TRT International Painting and Sculpture Competition 2013 Proje 4L Elgiz Modern Art Museum
© Emreyunus Artist | 3D Subconscious Dumpster 3768
2013 Mixed Media | 3D Subconscious Dumpster
Mixed Media on wood, 90x90cm, 2013
USD $3,500
© Emreyunus Artist | 14 February Amaryllis 3762
2013 Mixed Media | 14 February Amaryllis
Mixed Media on wood, 90x84cm, 2013
USD $3,500
© Emreyunus Artist | Dogancay Reference  3763
2013 Mixed Media | Dogancay Reference
Mixed Media on wood, 68x90cm, 2013
USD $3,500
© Emreyunus Artist | Lady Gaga  3764
2013 Mixed Media | Lady Gaga
Mixed Media on wood, 45x60cm, 2013
USD $3,500
© Emreyunus Artist | Threat to Coastal  3765
2013 Mixed Media | Threat To Coastal
Mixed Media on canvas, 90x52cm, 2013
USD $3,500
© Emreyunus Artist | Wow! Signal Theory Jerry R.Ehman 3767
2013 Mixed Media | Wow! Signal Theory Jerry R.Ehman
Mixed Media on metal, 52x90cm, 2013
USD $3,500