2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

H Allen Benowitz

Miami FL USA
H. Allen Benowitz Photography Miami, FL USA H. Allen Benowitz’ award-winning photography has been recognized internationally and in the USA. From a professional court reporting and video career, the camera became a natural segue to photography, and the accolades and recognitions followed from featured articles and exhibitions to national and international honors and awards. Allen has lectured extensively on his journeys, exhibited nationally and has his work in collections and galleries around the country. Mr. Benowitz has also been chosen as one of Art Business News’ Top Emerging Artists for 2014, published in its fall edition. In July 2015, his work was on display at the Louvre in Paris. In March 2016, he was presented with six Winner and Nominee Medals in the 9th Annual International Color Awards Competition. “The trademark of my work is depth and texture. ‘Depth,’ with a goal of drawing one’s eye in to the picture, where the moment was captured; and ‘texture,’ which gives me a visceral pleasure, highlighting varying objects’ multifaceted shapes and shades of light, bringing a still image to life. Each subject captured is motivated by passion.” Among numerous publications in which he has been featured are The ARTnews, Laurel of Asheville, Art Business News, Art & Beyond, and Art Business News magazines. His visual works of art have been selected for inclusion in the International Contemporary Artists art book. Photo subjects include Nature, wildlife, people, architecture, and adventure travel. [Acid-free archival pigment ink prints, acrylic mounted.] www.H-AllenArt.com]
© H Allen Benowitz | Double Mimes 7902
2017 Photography | Double Mimes
Photography, 30 " x 20", 2016
USD $1,200
© H Allen Benowitz | Monk in Waiting 7903
2017 Photography | Monk In Waiting
Photography, 30" x 20", 2015
USD $1,200
© H Allen Benowitz | Dambulla Cave Buddhas 7904
2017 Photography | Dambulla Cave Buddhas
Photography, 20" x 30", 2015
USD $1,200
© H Allen Benowitz | La Medina Archway 7905
2017 Photography | La Medina Archway
Photography, 30" x 20", 2006
USD $1,200