2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

roderick lloyd

GOUDA Netherlands
Roderick Lloyd MORE THAN A PHOTO combines the art world of photography and MORE than that. You can see the original photos he made himself in combination with the ones he designed using those photos.He loves to make his own creations, uses his imagination, humor and the (economic)reality of today's life. And ofcourse the lines and color scemes make the Roderick Lloyd MORE THAN A PHOTO in total unique art works. The original photos he made and used for the International Art Festival 2013 were taken in: Hong Kong, Namibia, Spain, Sumatra and the USA Aluminum, Epoxy and Glass are the materials where his art work can be put on or in. Sometimes his work can be made in 3D. He started in September 2011 with Roderick Lloyd MORE THAN A PHOTO and his art work was already to be seen in The Fine Art Museum in Los Angeles (February / March 2013) and in different art books/magazines. If you have any questions feel free to send Roderick an email
© roderick lloyd | big spider in rear back mirror 3729
2013 Photography | Big Spider In Rear Back Mirror
© roderick lloyd | todays reality: you can stay or youre out! 3516
2013 Photography | Todays Reality: You Can Stay Or Youre Out!
© roderick lloyd | many ways climbing up and going down the stairs 3737
2013 Photography | Many Ways Climbing Up And Going Down The Stairs
© roderick lloyd | speeding drop 3518
2013 Photography | Speeding Drop
© roderick lloyd | they have light....we haven't 3519
2013 Photography | They Have Light....We Haven't
© roderick lloyd | sailing 3757
2013 Photography | Sailing
© roderick lloyd | Hong Kong: what is our financial situation today? 3743
2013 Photography | Hong Kong: What Is Our Financial Situation Today?
© roderick lloyd | Marylin M upblowing skirt 3523
2013 Photography | Marylin M Upblowing Skirt
© roderick lloyd | Pepper and salt ... ready for the catwalk 3775
2013 Photography | Pepper And Salt ... Ready For The Catwalk
© roderick lloyd | mr and mrs House: we love colors 3780
2013 Photography | Mr And Mrs House: We Love Colors