2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries


Beacon NY USA
There is a burning desire to express the inexpressible, a deep need for discovery within the ambiguity of an image. Though it is often a feeble attempt, it is the exact attempt repeated over and over again until, when thought disappears, something special occurs. To guide the viewers direction of thought to a place they did not know existed, ultimately they will discover that they have no need to define what was/is seen. Trying to just occupy the same space and being patient to see where it will go and allowing it to give the image time to unfold. What pulls you in is unknown, but it feels as though it has been there before or always has been.
© KURTIS BRAND | Ascension (For John Coltrane) 3611
2013 Painting | Ascension (For John Coltrane)
Acrylic and Pencil, 30.5x29, 2012
© KURTIS BRAND | Before Birth, After Birth 3612
2013 Painting | Before Birth, After Birth
Acrylic and Pencil, 36.5 x 39, 2012
© KURTIS BRAND | Chinaman in Albany 3613
2013 Painting | Chinaman In Albany
Acrylic and Pencil, 38" x 38", 2012