2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Paul Baumann

Brooklyn NY USA
“herewereyou” consists of thousands of small Polaroid prints, taken and collected over thirty years. The project also includes multiple variations and modes of presentation, including the web-based art project, herewereyou.com, and the current proposal for exhibition of “sets,” each containing six distinct images, assembled and reproduced together as one. Although the work originated from the promise of an immediate record of the elusive present moment, the project is not a record. The aim has always been that the result takes on a quality of a trace, or gateway, which wouldn't exist at all, apart from itself. The project aims at an augmentation of presence. In these collages, certain moments, subjectivities, and meanings are consistently altered, flipped, tossed, and questioned, based on the poetry of placement with other images. The Wabi Sabi piece is what I consider an authorless work. This work is a found panel, found in the finishing room of Handmade Frames by staff member Igor Andric. Igor was particularly inspired by the discovery, as he recognized it immediately for strongly possessing the characteristics of the Wabi-Sabi esthetic, which he had just read a book about. The paint you see in stalactite-like formations is dense with information. It is literally the overspray of many years of the process of getting lacquer finishes onto picture frames. The piece is dense with both history of the gesture, and its evidence through a surface built up over a decade. It is an authorless work, made by no one intentionally; it welcomes all (as) authors, and stands beside works of nature while holding its own. It exists in a shared space of discovery and appreciation, one that for Handmade Frames will become talismanic of perseverance over many years. I include it here happily, as I am a member of the group appreciating this creation, and the owner of the frame shop, and the fellow who loaned Igor the book.
© Paul Baumann | Untitled (Wabi Sabi) 5639
2014 Mixed Media | Untitled (Wabi Sabi)
lacquer sprayed on wooden panel, 44" W x 22.25" H, 2014
USD $5,000
© Paul Baumann | herewereyou #22H (pink sand) 5641
2014 Photography | Herewereyou #22H (Pink Sand)
6 polaroids collage, digital C print, 13.5" W x 12" H, 2014
USD $150
© Paul Baumann | herewereyou #24E (apparition) 5642
2014 Photography | Herewereyou #24E (Apparition)
6 polaroids collage, digital C print, 13.5" W x 12" H, 2014
USD $150