2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Karin Ryan

Seaview, Victoria Australia
Born in Germany, Karin Ryan migrated to Australia as a young child. Karin Ryan is a printmaker, artist and illustrator who works in her studio in Gippsland, Australia. She started drawing from the moment she could hold a pencil in her hand and soon became a compulsive ‘doodler’. This translated, in later life, to a passion for drawing and painting. “In essence I am a self-taught artist and have dabbled in naïve art long before I knew that it existed as an official form. I find myself drawn in this direction as it lacks the restrictions of realistic painting. It allows me to explore the realms of the imagination and to combine unrelated and often incongruous ideas. For me, this is its particular charm.” Karin has been painting naïve landscapes since 1991 and illustrated children’s books from 1987 – 96. In recent times she has revisited her fascination with linework and has found her niche in the medium of etching. Apart from many group and solo exhibitions, her work is represented in numerous galleries and in private and public collections in Australia and overseas.
© Karin  Ryan | Lean Pickings 2653
2013 Graphics | Lean Pickings
Print Making, 10.5 X 12 cms, 2003
© Karin  Ryan | Homeless 2654
2013 Graphics | Homeless
Print Making, 9.7 X 11.9 cms, 2003
© Karin  Ryan | Lovecraft 2655
2013 Graphics | Lovecraft
Print Making, 6 X 10 cms, 2005
© Karin  Ryan | A Blanket of Peace descends upon the Earth 2656
2013 Graphics | A Blanket Of Peace Descends Upon The Earth
Print Making, 9.8 X 13.6 cms, 2003
© Karin  Ryan | Bitter Harvest 2657
2013 Graphics | Bitter Harvest
Print Making, 19 x 15 cms, 2011
USD $1,000