2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Louise Cutler

I believe the purpose of my work is to bring a since of peace and calm into a world where chaos has become the norm. I purposely leave out the face. “I find faces irrelevant to my work. They would only add complications for the viewer. My paintings and sculptures are meant to be enjoyed in their entirety, from the form out not just for the sake of a face.” My ideas and style references are often from my own imagination: old photos that I have purchased at estate sales or flea markets, late European masters and the Asian culture. “I find this eclectic blend of cultures and form fascinatingly refreshing.” I like leaving the negative space in my painting to their own devices to form as they please. “I find when left alone they create a nice sense of balance giving the viewer a place to find calm and rest. It’s like having a place to lay ones head.” I love to sculpt. I have done so since I was a little girl, stealing molding clay from school because we were to poor to buy it. I grew up in a family of nine with only a mother; clay was not on the menu. I began recreating my paintings in clay and having them cast in bronze sculptures in 2013. I sculpt in both Relief and Sculpture in the Round. I chose to use gilding in my painting after a visit to the Louvre in Paris. My favorite galley there contained the religious art of the Italian Renaissances period. I was fascinated with the use of metal leaf in their work. They used it not only as a form of showing the divine, but it was also used on garments in the paintings. This is where I first discovered my love for this art form. I marveled at its illusional effect of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. After returning home I began to learn all I could about gilding and the materials needed. I decided to use metal leaf I in my paintings to enhance and highlight the illusion of simplistic grandeur. The Fine Art of Gilding is the process of affixing tissue-thin sheets of precious or common metals to a carefully prepared surface using a special adhesive size to create a lustrous metallic finish. Gilding is an ancient craft that dates back to Egyptian and Biblical times. Gilding was very popular in Italy during the middle ages, until the late Renaissance. It was used to highlight religious paintings and carvings.
© Louise Cutler | Poppie 7555
2017 Mixed Media | Poppie
Acrylic and metal leaf, 10x40, 2017
USD $1,100
© Louise Cutler | The Governess 7560
2017 Mixed Media | The Governess
Acrylic and metal leaf, 25x40, 2015
USD $3,800
© Louise Cutler | Big Apple 7561
2017 Mixed Media | Big Apple
Acrylic and metal leaf, 30x41, 2016
USD $3,500
© Louise Cutler | The Provider 7562
2017 Mixed Media | The Provider
Acrylic and metal leaf, 35x40, 2015
USD $3,800
© Louise Cutler | Lilly Of The Valley 7563
2017 Mixed Media | Lilly Of The Valley
Acrylic and metal leaf, 30x35, 2014
USD $2,300
© Louise Cutler | Fisher of Men 7564
2017 Mixed Media | Fisher Of Men
Acrylic and metal leaf, 25x40, 2015
USD $3,500
© Louise Cutler | The Governess 7565
2017 Sculpture | The Governess
Bronze Relief, 19x47x2, 2016
USD $11,000
© Louise Cutler | Sanctuary 7566
2017 Sculpture | Sanctuary
Bronze Relief, 24x36x2, 2015
USD $10,000
© Louise Cutler | Untitled 7567
2017 Sculpture | Untitled
Bronze Relief, 24x24x2, 2014
USD $9,000