2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Kremena Lefterova

New York NY USA
With stoneware and porcelain works, both introspective and otherworldly, Kremena Lefterova weaves an imaginary world, both mystical and mesmerizing. Her sculpture evokes a powerful emotional response woven throughout with medieval artistic sensibilities, fantastical creatures, and the dreamlike -- bridging the academic essence of the Russian Classical School and the magical qualities of Scandinavian fairytales. Kremena’s work is fanciful and delicately whimsical and is filled with complex imagery, often with darker themes reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch. Here and there, twisted forms allude to an intersection reflective of childhood naiveté and the fantastical collision of danger, whimsy, and vividly colorful reality. Kremena’s sculptures are inventively classical yet contemporary. In addition to the fairytale references, she adds theatrical designs of the circus, adding to her art a dynamic, joyful and optimistic side, creating an airy, emotional response. Animated yet stylized, figurative yet allegorical, and classical yet contemporary, Kremena’s intriguing sculptures are unlike anything else currently on the art market. While the artist works primarily in sculpture, she has quite an oeuvre with paintings and drawings, which evoke similar emotional responses. Kremena also works with clients to create in situ sculptures, installations, or fine design solutions for their office, or home.
© Kremena Lefterova | The New Icarus 4950
2014 Sculpture | The New Icarus
Porcelain, Feathers, and Plant Fiber, 17.5 x 21 x 13, 2014
USD $5,000
© Kremena Lefterova | The Prince Eager to be Kisses 4951
2014 Sculpture | The Prince Eager To Be Kisses
Glazed Stoneware, 19.5 x 15 x 14, 2014
USD $2,200
© Kremena Lefterova | Riding on the Pink Fringes of Society 4952
2014 Sculpture | Riding On The Pink Fringes Of Society
Glazed Stoneware, 16 x 23 x 10, 2014
USD $2,100