2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Judith Evan Goldstein

New York NY USA
Judith began her life in Europe, in the city of Vilna, Poland, now the capital of Lithuania. Germany invaded the city in 1941, and several months later all the Jews were placed in a Ghetto. Within two years, seventy thousand Jewish people were murdered in a nearby forest Ponary. After the liquidation of the Ghetto, in 1943, she and her mother were sent to a series of concentration camps, where they faced many tunnels of death. By many miracles they survived and were liberated. Judith reports: “I wish I was never part of the Holocaust, it was given to me and I was thrown into a sea of suffering. Still a child, I was meant to die, but I lived and survived the horrors of genocide. Many times I try to leave it all behind, but it refuses to leave me”. After the liberation, education on pre-college level and social movement helped her progress in several areas of the arts. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music, attended art school and furthered her studies to become a certified music and art therapist. She worked with neurologically impaired children and taught teachers at the College of New Rochelle, N.Y, how to utilize the arts as a tool for communication and learning. For the last eighteen years, she has exhibited her art in about twenty six museums in the USA , Israel, many galleries, universities, conferences and educational places. As a musician, classically trained, she has composed numerous songs and lyrics, several vocalizes for piano, voice, cello, violin and flute. Also, a musical poem in four movements for piano and orchestra. Her music has been performed at museum openings, colleges, conferences and by the Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Of Westchester, N.Y. Her visual art is presently in the permanent collection at Yad- Va -Shem, Israel, the Holocaust Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida, the Wimberly Library at the Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, The Holocaust Documentation and Education Center, FL, and in private collections. She also appears in a documentary film “As Seen Through These Eyes” produced by Hilary Helstein, narrated by Maya Angelou. Judith published two books. Her first book of art: “ Images Of My Childhood From Sorrows To Joys”, and her second book of art, poetry, and lyrics to her songs: “ The Voice Of Color”. Judith quotes: “ I Paint The Images of my childhood and play the images I see” Her art also appears on the cover of several books. Now, a retired teacher , she became a source of historical inquiry by speaking at schools, colleges , museums, and conferences, describing the genocide of the Jewish people that took place in Europe during WWII. The hope is to impress upon the future generations, that evil powers cannot rule and destroy the world we live in. These demagogues, must be stopped before it is too late!
© Judith  Evan Goldstein | Transcendence 4694
2014 Painting | Transcendence
24 x 30,
USD $10,000
© Judith  Evan Goldstein | Beautiful Women 4695
2014 Mixed Media | Beautiful Women
40 x 16, 2012
USD $10,000
© Judith  Evan Goldstein | Waterfalls 4696
2014 Mixed Media | Waterfalls
18 x 24, 2012
USD $6,000