2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Philippe Louguet

Roubaix France
I always paint in series, exhausting each time a specific experiment. I am looking for the most direct expression. Each painting is an adventure which play complex relationships between materials, graphs, figures. The painting is also the place of sacrifice where the figure evokes the mystery of the incarnation, which remains the enigma pictorial. Paint layers sometimes burrow until fourteen layers drippings. The ink almost omnipresent in my work appears as a revelation; I reproduce ink that I see in the drippings. the text also takes a certain place, there is always a search for all. But, painting, drawing is above all meeting papers, inks, mediums ...
© Philippe Louguet | AFRICA 5696
2014 Painting | Africa
mix media on masonite, 60 X 80cm 24" X 30", 1996
USD $4,500
© Philippe Louguet | Peinture Poème 5697
2014 Painting | Peinture Poème
mixed media on paper, 80 X 60cm 30" X 24", 2009
USD $4,500
© Philippe Louguet | Terre/Ciel 5698
2014 Painting | Terre/Ciel
mixed media on paper, 60 X 80cm 24" X 30", 2004
USD $4,500