2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Iraqi Mohammed rachid

Fes Morocco
http://www.Iraqi mohammed rachid.com
Biography Name Iraqi Surname mohammed rachid Date of birth : 1954 in rabat. Morocco Adresse 34 bd mohamed v fes 30000 morocco Tel 00212661246202 Site web Iraqimohammedrachid .com Referenced at AKOUN 2014 Dictionnaire des artistes christiano sorriano Expertisez.com By élodie couturier Paris France A few words from the artist: "I have been a painter for as long as I can remember. I have kept pretty much all my paintings since then as they all have so much value to me. I am now realising that a painting does not live if it is not viewed and shared with people. Have a look and feel free to describe the feeling that each one creates in you In the early 1970s, after joining medical school, his style was mainly figurative with the human body central to the œuvre; the body rarely portrayed whole but often fragmented or in pieces. Back then, most of his paintings were executed on paper, on wood or with oil painting. His style then evolved to reach abstract as Rachid aims to disturb the viewer with his paintings, which jumble items and sceneries to go beyond the clarity and the meaning and reach a deeper level of understanding. While going through Rachid's paintings, we also fall in love with his country - Morocco - as the painter lets us uncover unsuspected beauties in some of the most remote areas of the country. History is similarly travelled with the painter who tells the story of his country form the old wise Morocco to the battle of independence. Participation on art website ´s : http://www.artistes-maroc.com/peintres-maroc-oeuvres-iraqi-mohammed-rachid-962.html https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1166629609&sk=about§ion=contact-info Artmajeur.com/iramora http://artprice.com/artist/339956/Rachidus saatchiart.com/rachidus Exhibitions Rabat 1982 Marrakesh 1986 Fes 1990 Fes 1995 Casablanca 1998 Fes 2001 price of hassan 2 of collection manuscripts from 2003 to 2013 first place Exhibition 2004 ,2009,2010, fes batha festival of music and arts Individual Exhibition from 18-30 april 2011 Kacemi Gallery .fes .morocco "The 50 years of my painting life" Individual Exhibition at sefrou festival of cherries 2013 Exhibition of meadows of 20 representational quite recent painting -Collective Exhibition at rabat may 2013 association tous contre l'abandon scolaire -collective exhibition at casablanca on november 2014 Biennale of london 20 to 25 january 2014 Expo salerno et roccapiemento italy march 2015 Expo Buenos aires argentina may june 2015 Expo Vatican from 25 april to 3 may about peace Galleria della pigna Expo milano universelle 2015 pavillon china CCPU from may to november 2015 Exposition a Madrid par IN3 artworldwide 20 june 2015 (Angelica .work).Galleria Gorgonio Sanjuan Monzon, Huesca - Spain exhibition at buenos aires argentina may 2016 exhibition at sardinia italy at july 2016 exhibition at new york jmc gallery july 2016 Exhibitions on Futures Exhibition on july Madrid Spain (Angelica work) by in3 Exhibition in casablanca galleria amadeus on october 2015 Exhibition on fes at april 2016 exhibitio Certificats Artmajeur gold in 2014 Artmajeur silver 2015 Myrankart Turquie best 2014 Lightspacetime sélected painting and other category 2015 In landscape category In cityscape category First rank at rankart competition - All paintings Second rank at rankart competition -abstract Certificate from Accademia euro méditerranéenne of art .italie Interview press magazines Sabsconnexions gazette vol n. 6 on february 2015 Myrankart website on march 2015
© Iraqi Mohammed rachid  | A Moroccan star in Dubai  7436
2017 Painting | A Moroccan Star In Dubai
Oil on canvas, 80x60, 2017
USD $1,500
© Iraqi Mohammed rachid  | The road to paradise from hell  7437
2017 Painting | The Road To Paradise From Hell
Oil on canvas , 180x110, 2017
USD $4,000
© Iraqi Mohammed rachid  | Top models and paparazzi  7438
2017 Painting | Top Models And Paparazzi
Oil on canvas, 110x85, 2017
USD $1,400
© Iraqi Mohammed rachid  | Robots 7439
2017 Painting | Robots
Oil on canvas, 145x135, 2017
USD $3,400
© Iraqi Mohammed rachid  | Pangkor beach  7441
2017 Painting | Pangkor Beach
Oil on canvas, 165x115, 2017
USD $4,000
© Iraqi Mohammed rachid  | Sky and sea 7442
2017 Painting | Sky And Sea
Oil on canvas, 85x60, 2017
USD $1,450