2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Margaret Halsey

In my opinion, the eye is the artist's greatest asset. One may be born with the talent for reproducing what one sees or a gift for designing and producing beautiful colors, but talent, though most important is not enough. The eye must be developed so the artist can know what is good and what is original. The only way to develop the eye is to look, to look, and to look. The need for looking at the best works of art is probably the reason most artists try to live in cities with great museums. Although, I have painted both abstractly and realistically, I consider my abstract paintings to be my most original paintings. My aim is to paint works with beautiful color and interesting design that has not been seen. For me, painting is like play because like play, my painting is inventive. It gives me the greatest pleasure to produce a beautiful painting.
© Margaret Halsey | Homage to Man Ray 7020
2017 Painting | Homage To Man Ray
Watercolor, 24"x18", 2006
USD $3,500
© Margaret Halsey | Nature Against Midnight 7021
2017 Painting | Nature Against Midnight
Watercolor, 24"x18", 2011
USD $3,500
© Margaret Halsey | Panic in the Garden 7022
2017 Painting | Panic In The Garden
Watercolor, 23"x16 1/4", 2008
USD $3,200
© Margaret Halsey | Indian Red, Blue and Yellow 7023
2017 Painting | Indian Red, Blue And Yellow
Gouache, 24 3/4"x17 1/4", 1988
USD $3,500
© Margaret Halsey | The Serpent 7026
2017 Painting | The Serpent
Gouache, 25"x17", 1989
USD $3,500
© Margaret Halsey | Texas Wilderness 7029
2017 Painting | Texas Wilderness
Watercolor, 22 3/4"x16", 1993
USD $3,200
© Margaret Halsey | Swept Away 7032
2017 Painting | Swept Away
Watercolor, 23 3/4"x17", 1994
USD $3,500