2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Osman Tufekci

─░stanbul Turkey
If it is said that "life is like a mosaic", I said that "so, why I am not a piece in it?". I try to use different materials such as credit cards that are used by everyone in daily life. We use some of them frequently, however many of them especially the shopping store cards stay in our wallet for a long time and finally we throw them into rubbish and unlikely (!) to nature. In that way I would like to protect our world making mosaic art with all this materials. If you also have such kind of credit cards or shopping store cards that you don't use, and if you want to look into/find/see into mosaic works you may see in Gallery Page, you may share them with me instead of throwing to the nature or rubbish.
© Osman Tufekci | Last Fish Created by Credit Cards 7772
2017 Mixed Media | Last Fish Created By Credit Cards
Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Shopping Market Cards, 17,5 x 36 cm, 2016
© Osman Tufekci | The Wall Street  7771
2017 Mixed Media | The Wall Street
Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Shopping Market Cards, 15 x 27 cm, 2016
© Osman Tufekci | Eye of L. 7769
2017 Mixed Media | Eye Of L.
Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Shopping Mark, 9,5 x 9,5 cm, 2017
USD $5,000