2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Nevin AYAN

HATAY Turkey
Nevin Ayan /Hatay 1965 After completing her degree at Art Painting Department in the Faculty of Vocational Education in Gazi University. She’s still working as a graphical design specialist teacher. She has drawings on local and foreign special collections. Artist who opened nine personal exhibitions and participated many mixed exhibitions, also got reward in National and International competitions. On her drawings It’s emphasized that death doesn’t affect the soul and depicted the state of journey to the places which are going to make us think about vital values of the visible phenomena one more time. This is also an inernal journey to those imagined places. Resulting the feeling of loneliness is an orientation to a wider and an original world where the moral concerns doesn’t exist, by moving the mind and logic beyond the known. Sensual and spiritual perspicacity is not completed after a point, last words which are unstated are left for the audience.
© Nevin AYAN | witnesses of time 7669
2017 Painting | Witnesses Of Time
77x118, 2012
USD $2,800
© Nevin AYAN | dark enlightenment 7670
2017 Painting | Dark Enlightenment
170x120 cm, 2012
USD $4,250
© Nevin AYAN | orders expected 7671
2017 Painting | Orders Expected
65x84 cm, 2011
USD $1,500
© Nevin AYAN | frontal posture 7672
2017 Painting | Frontal Posture
70x94 cm, 2016
USD $2,200