Artist Official Entries

Olgun Kasikci

http://www.olgunkasikci.com and instagram:olgunkasikci
I was born in İstanbul, Turkey. Graduated from Yeditepe Fine Arts Academy - Graphic Design and also i did double major with Plastic Arts Division.After this era I've Finished ''Cinematography and Screenwriting'' Program at CinePlus Academy in Turkey. As an Artist, about my work i'm aiming to reach and communicate people to way i communicate to my work.Oftenly i choose to interest with outsided, grotesque, punk and gothic culture concept.I've grew up with B movies and Horror movies that captured at mid 20 Century. My inspirations are taken from Maurice Sendak, Tim Burton, Edward Gorey, Charles Addams, Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Disney.I’m able to see the colors that nobody recognized from The Black and White world that i’ve been watching since my childhood and make them illustrated and share with people satisfieds my work and myself. In a nutshell,as i stated before I just want to reflect the world of outsiders like Punk Culture Figures and Monsters by using German Expressyonism and Quirky point of view in order to show to People. 
© Olgun Kasikci | Castle of Nowhere 8545
2018 Graphics | Castle Of Nowhere
Mixed Technique on Paper Digital, 50x68, 2017
USD $1,400
© Olgun Kasikci | Attack of a Myth 8547
2018 Graphics | Attack Of A Myth
Mixed Technique on Paper (Digital), 50x52, 2018
USD $1,200
© Olgun Kasikci | Shadow Dog 8548
2018 Graphics | Shadow Dog
Charcoal on Digital, 50x70, 2018
USD $700
© Olgun Kasikci | Castle of Loneliness 8549
2018 Graphics | Castle Of Loneliness
Mixed Technique on paper (digital), 70x52, 2018
USD $1,200
© Olgun Kasikci | Psychos 8555
2018 Painting | Psychos
mixed technique on paper (digital), 107 x 47, 2018
USD $1,300
© Olgun Kasikci | Dumbo on Circus 8556
2018 Graphics | Dumbo On Circus
mixed technique on paper (digital), 50x70, 2018
USD $800
© Olgun Kasikci | Monster Behind the Mouth 8557
2018 Graphics | Monster Behind The Mouth
mixed technique on paper (digital), 50x70, 2018
USD $1,000
© Olgun Kasikci | Untitled Happy Skeleton 8558
2018 Graphics | Untitled Happy Skeleton
mixed technique on paper (digital), 35x50, 2018
USD $600