2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Alla Lazebnik

Newton MA USA
I have been exploring Russian folklore and mythology to discover how they connect to my identity. I am trying to immerse others into the culture I grew up in as well as a fantasy world of imagery. In my work I use animals from my childhood memories. In traditional Russian culture the tiger is an intellectual creature at the spiritual level, and the elephant symbolizes a soldier at the end of battle. I also use figurative self-portraits in my works. I am trying to unwrap myself as I am discovering more internally so I can reveal them to others, however there are many layers that need to be uncovered therefore it may appear as if I am still wrapped.
© Alla Lazebnik | Untitled 2717
2013 Painting | Untitled
Painting, 9"x7", 2013
USD $400
© Alla Lazebnik | Dry Skin 2716
2013 Painting | Dry Skin
Painting, 10"x8", 2013
USD $450
© Alla Lazebnik | Mirage 2715
2013 Graphics | Mirage
Print Making, 24"x36", 2013
USD $600