2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Tatyana Shayevich

Jersey City NJ USA
My work is all about what I love. I am inspired by everything. I soak in all images, shapes and colors; I digest them and interpret them into my own world of beauty and happiness. My artwork is feedback from my life journey, my experience, and my memory. No matter the medium, each of my works has a narrative, and each work has a positive agenda, thus one always sees a happy ending in my work. In my opinion, our real everyday life needs a touch of fairy tale. My intention in my artwork is to give a feeling of warmth and happiness to others. Through my artwork I try to convey a message of appreciation of everyday life, of being grateful to the beauty of nature, to the beauty of the moment that we all can find and enjoy. We just need to pay attention and be ready to be happy. My hope is that an audience will recognize my effort to point out the best part of a moment. Tatyana Shayevich
© Tatyana Shayevich | Energy of Love 3838
2013 Painting | Energy Of Love
Acrylic, 22''x22'', 2013
USD $1,200
© Tatyana Shayevich | Elephant. Indian Fairy Tale. 3839
2013 Sculpture | Elephant. Indian Fairy Tale.
ceramics, 9''x12''x7'', 2013
USD $2,500
© Tatyana Shayevich | Love-Cages-Freedom 3840
2013 Mixed Media | Love-Cages-Freedom
Photo-etching, 15''x13'', 2013
USD $850
© Tatyana Shayevich | Birds. Indian Fairy Tale. 3841
2013 Sculpture | Birds. Indian Fairy Tale.
ceramics, 12''x12''x2'' each, 2013
USD $2,400
© Tatyana Shayevich | Yin Yang 3842
2013 Mixed Media | Yin Yang
Intaglio, 9''x24'', 2013
USD $900