2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

nihal kececi

I am adept at mixing left-and right-brain pursuits, splitting my time between computer screen and canvas. Experimenting with conscious and unconscious painting process raised questions in my mind about self-reflective nature of reality. As an engineer and a scientist, I try to find a model for any complex system for controlling system variables in a logical way. During the intuitive painting process, I learned that modeling and controlling have not been successful for my style of painting, as my best paintings are created when I allowed my hands and my mind to flow freely. I have been wondering if programmed thinking and focus on control prevents one from reaching their soul. I hope that my work touches your mind, heart and soul.
© nihal kececi | RELATIONSHIPS 2605
2013 Painting | Relationships
Painting, W60"XH36", 2010
USD $15
© nihal kececi | Revelation 2606
2013 Painting | Revelation
Painting, W18"XH24", 2011
© nihal kececi | H-STREET-3 2607
2013 Painting | H-Street-3
Painting, 30"X30", 2013