2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Philippe Aoun Deladoey

Caracas Venezuela
I was born in El Pao, Venezuela. Being self-taught in the Art World, my artistic curriculum could be simply summarized by the intensity with which I am living my creative impulses. My concern for art began at an early age,but the paths of life led me to devote myself to the world of business, moving away from the Art World. Blessed by the Hand of God and in response to the call of my other inner self, I am now working full time for the Arts,strengthening my own technique, based predominantly on the use of oil pigments and palette knives of diverse shapes and sizes. My creative interests led me to venture into the digital world, which allows me to expand my creative process. Philippe Aoun Deladoƫy Artistic Name: PAoun Artistic trend: Geometric / Figurative / Suggestive Abstractionism. Creative tools: Brushes and Palette Knives of diverse shapes and sizes, Oil pigments, Mixed Tecnics. Digital Art.
© Philippe Aoun Deladoey | Focus 5396
2014 Mixed Media | Focus
Mixed Media, Variable Size, 2014
© Philippe Aoun Deladoey | Phoenix 5391
2014 Mixed Media | Phoenix
Mixed Media, Variable Size, 2014
© Philippe Aoun Deladoey | Spectrum 2 5392
2014 Mixed Media | Spectrum 2
Mixed Media, Variable Size, 2014