2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Isabel Hayes

San Rafael CA USA
Isabel is a portrait painter whose subjects emerge entirely from her imagination. Her work is totally spontaneous and intuitive. Inspired by the vibrant colors and visual richness of her childhood in Guatemala and Madrid, Isabel uses strong, bright colors to express mood and emotion. Isabel's approach comes from a lifetime of observing people and their expressions. Her subjects have captivating and enigmatic faces. She works with acrylic paints on canvas and panels and the method involves applying multiple layers of paint. Isabel's work is collected internationally and is currently on exhibit in New York's Greenwich Village and Sausalito. She has participated in numerous national and international juried shows and exhibited in London's West End. Isabel is a former student of College of Marin, but is mostly a self-taught artist. Her studio is in Marin County. To view more of her work, please visit www.isabelhayes.com.
© Isabel Hayes | Man with Red Vest 4801
2014 Painting | Man With Red Vest
Acrylic, 36"x24", 2014
© Isabel Hayes | Waiting for Train to Milan 4802
2014 Painting | Waiting For Train To Milan
Acrylic, 36"x24", 2014
© Isabel Hayes | Early Morning Rain 4805
2014 Painting | Early Morning Rain
Acrylic, 14"x14", 2014