Artist Official Entries

Erika Horwitz

Hastings on hudson NY USA
Erika Lyn Horwitz is known and easily recognized for her unique, layered, gem-like, subtly translucent abstract paintings. Simultaneously organic and topographical, her work explores the intersection between chaos and order, conscious and sub-conscious and intention and accident. The goal of her work is to transport the viewer into a creative-meditative state analogous to the state in which she produces the paintings. Her work embraces the dynamic energy of Abstract Expressionists like Lee Krasner and Helen Frankenthaler while also adopting a Minimalist eschewal of subject, biography and metaphor. Horwitz uses techniques that she developed to blend resin with traditional materials such as oil, acrylic and dry pigment as well as non-traditional materials like metal flakes, automotive paint, broken mirrors and glass as well as spray, auto, interference and color shift paints. By employing organic and even projectile forms, raw or viscous matter my art injects subversive and even an obliquely feminist quality into the world. Her art is an extension of Horwitz’s hands-off detachment, experimentation and a scientific exploration as well. She is also a classically trained oil painter with over two decades of experience. Horwitz’s prolific works have tremendous value in a day and age where we can no longer afford not to nurture Mother Earth. The works are not imposing but rather invite the audience in to experience and create their own personal relationships with it. She has exhibited extensively internationally and throughout New York City. Her collectors are found in New York City, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Florida as well as California. For available art, please got to my Artsy store: https://www.artsy.net/nyc-art-collective-and-gallery
© Erika Horwitz  | CBD 9928
2019 Mixed Media | Cbd
Mixed, 37x48x2, 2019
USD $10,000
© Erika Horwitz  | New World  9929
2019 Painting | New World
Mixed media, 36x48, 2017
USD $8,000
© Erika Horwitz  | Choose your words carefully  9930
2019 Mixed Media | Choose Your Words Carefully
Mixed, 36x80, 2019
USD $15,000