2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Svetlana Rudakovskaya

Belleville NJ USA
I was raised in Europe and travelled all over the world, which inspired my art. I’m originally from Minsk, Belarus and currently live in Belleville, New Jersey. I participated in the art shows held in Brookdale College, Monmouth University and Museum of Russian Art. I graduated from Montclair State University with Fine Arts degree in January 2013. I’ve been drawing since I can remember. In my work I’m using ornaments and ancient architecture and I’m trying to show the connection between people’s feelings, thoughts and experiences.
© Svetlana Rudakovskaya | Connecting Rivers 3803
2013 Mixed Media | Connecting Rivers
Acrylics,collage,glass stones,mirrors, 20x20, 2012
USD $300
© Svetlana Rudakovskaya | Golden Arch 3804
2013 Mixed Media | Golden Arch
Oil paint,acrylics,collage, 40x44, 2012
USD $500
© Svetlana Rudakovskaya | Inspiration 3805
2013 Mixed Media | Inspiration
Acrylics,collage, 9x12, 2012
USD $100
© Svetlana Rudakovskaya | Desire 3806
2013 Mixed Media | Desire
Acrylics,collage,fishing line, 20x24, 2012
USD $300