2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Sassoon Kosian

Woodbridge NJ USA
Color is a very important part of my art. I mix paint intuitively and create personal and idiosyncratic colors. Simple geometric shapes in uniform colors are for me the way to express myself clearly and convincingly. My work is about human experiences. Emotions, feelings, and thoughts are represented by a dynamic interplay of color and non-representational forms. I often express energy and motion. One of my artistic objectives is to create ever more intense pieces that convey emotional power and energy. The process I use is not spontaneous. First I come up with an idea from intuition, then I go through a process of developing the idea using digital blueprints. These digital images evolve over a period of time until they are “ripe” and that's when I start putting them on canvas. The entire process takes a few months.
© Sassoon Kosian | Optimistic Projections 3620
2013 Painting | Optimistic Projections
Acrylic on Canvas, 36 x 36, 2012
USD $1,200
© Sassoon Kosian | Freedom Must Come 3621
2013 Painting | Freedom Must Come
Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 24, 2012
USD $700
© Sassoon Kosian | One of These Days 3622
2013 Painting | One Of These Days
Acrylic on Canvas, 28 x 28, 2012
USD $850