2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Laura DAluisio Coykendall

Providence RI USA
In these paintings I have started with a purely abstract composition that can emerge after 1/2 hour or a few days or sometimes a few weeks.The figurative aspects are catalyzed in response to the forms and color of the original abstract painting. This process of interweaving the abstract elements with the figurative is a dynamic that invigorates and informs my content.
© Laura DAluisio Coykendall | Young woman smokes 5488
2014 Painting | Young Woman Smokes
Acrylic, 12"x12", 2013
USD $300
© Laura DAluisio Coykendall | Cerebral smoker 5491
2014 Painting | Cerebral Smoker
Acrylic, 24"x24", 2013
USD $425
© Laura DAluisio Coykendall | Mother  Smokes 5494
2014 Painting | Mother Smokes
Acrylic, 24"x30", 2013
USD $500