2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Bree Garland

Portland OR USA
Bree Garland was born in 1984 in San Diego, Ca. She graduated from San Diego State University with Bachelors degrees in both Psychology and Women's Studies. She has no formal training as an artist other than one community college course in oil painting in early 2014. Following a minor existential crisis in 2012, Bree quit her job, sold all her belongings and bought a one way ticket to Europe. After months of traveling she arrived in London at the National Portrait Gallery. In that moment, wandering through centuries of portraits, inspiration struck- after years of dabbling in acrylic painting and ink drawing, she returned home, took a quick course in Oils and began. Bree has a deep interest in people's personalities, demeanors, histories, and attitudes towards life. People are her main source of interest/inspiration. For her, painting faces and bodies is just an extension of a curiosity and desire to know someone deeper.
© Bree Garland | Nude Self Portrait 5421
2014 Painting | Nude Self Portrait
Oil on canvas, 11x14, 2014
USD $375
© Bree Garland | The Couch 5422
2014 Painting | The Couch
Oil on canvas, 14x18, 2014
USD $375
© Bree Garland | Self Portrait 5423
2014 Painting | Self Portrait
Oil on canvas, 12x16, 2014
USD $375