2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Charles Nikas

New York NY USA
New York based artist Charles Nikas creates dream-like yet compelling abstract expressionistic works. His color saturated images are composed using a variety of mediums,including acrylic and spray acrylic paint, chart and mesh tape, gold and silver leaf, printers ink and film transparencies- all expertly arranged on paper or glass. Nikas' art is dynamic and intense. As rich in palette as it is, they are all a credit to the new millenium of artists whose works are infused with energetic rendering, complex imagery and layers of symbolism.The work is meant to ignite an intimite response in the viewer, both on a mental and emotional plane. As he explains "Each image depicts metaphysical forces that are personal, yet undeniably extricates individual emotions, messages, and visions from the viewer." What results are unforgettable pieces that transcend context to reflect the intricate and multifaceted realities of human existence on the very level of the soul.
© Charles Nikas | Analysis Paralysis 2849
2013 Painting | Analysis Paralysis
Mixed media, 20" X 20", 2011
USD $5,000
© Charles Nikas | Hommage to Marcel Marceau 2853
2013 Mixed Media | Hommage To Marcel Marceau
Mixed Media / Acrylic Paint / Gold and S, 19" X 19", 2012
USD $4,500
© Charles Nikas | Alien Mysteries 2868
2013 Painting | Alien Mysteries
Acrylic Paint and Spray, Gold and Silver, 17.5"W x 28"H, 2012
USD $4,000
© Charles Nikas | Monitoring II 2869
2013 Painting | Monitoring Ii
Acrylic Paint and Spray, Gold and Silver, 24"W x 32"H, 2012
USD $4,500
© Charles Nikas | Nikas - Auchwitz: Empty Soul 2888
2013 Graphics | Nikas - Auchwitz: Empty Soul
Digitally enhanced Graphite Drawing, 16"W x 20" H, 1970
USD $2,500
© Charles Nikas | Hide and Seek through Time 2992
2013 Mixed Media | Hide And Seek Through Time
White squared patterned Fresnells over figurative Photo Montage on Paper, 9"W X 24" L, 1980
USD $3,000