Artist Official Entries

alexander rees

bronx NY USA
I have never had a formal education in the arts, and like many artists, I learned by looking at the works of the great masters. During various periods of my life, I preferred different painting styles (although, my love of the old masters and impressionists has lived within me all of my life). In my youth, I was a big admirer of the masters of expressionistic and abstract styles. Later, the understanding of the fact came to me that the abstract game of lines, colors, rhythms, and accents - is no more than just a game. Instead, the main and boundless subject of art is Nature and human beings within it. I do not believe in the statement that everything that can be painted has already been done in traditional/figurative painting, and with the appearance of photography, painting, in the old understanding of this word, can no longer exist. However, I must repeat, the visual arts in Nature, are still as mysterious as they are inexhaustible. My beloved subject for painting has become the City. Each city is unique. Each city is beautiful, and each city contains a thrilling mystery. A city with its stability derived from its architectural forms, appearance, skyline, combined with air, light, clouds, sun, weather, people, becomes for the artist a mysterious and unstable, exciting and endless subject for learning, tasting, understanding, and expression.
© alexander rees | Riverdale. Spring 8499
2018 Painting | Riverdale. Spring
acrylic on canvas, 30"x30", 2018
USD $2,200
© alexander rees | moscow 8500
2018 Painting | Moscow
acrylic on canvas, 40"x20", 2017
USD $2,500
© alexander rees | riverdale.night 8501
2018 Painting | Riverdale.Night
acrylic on canvas, 30"x30", 2018
USD $1,500
© alexander rees | sunset 8505
2018 Painting | Sunset
mixed on canvas, 28"x20, 2018
USD $2,100
© alexander rees | vision1 8503
2018 Painting | Vision1
mixed on paper, 18"x12", 2018
USD $500
© alexander rees | vision2 8504
2018 Painting | Vision2
mixed on paper, 28"22", 2018
USD $600