Artist Official Entries

henry kielmanowicz

Williston park NY USA
Statement Henry P. Kielmanowicz creates sculptures from man made objects that contain waste from modern society, specifically glass bottles. This waste is transformed in a labor-intensive process by breaking, crushing and separating the glass into multiple sizes creating a new raw material. Not only is he reusing waste from society, he is also incorporating the waste produced from within the studio. By recycling these materials into art, Henry is claiming that his creations are “sustainable”. The sculptures created in the experimental laboratory are the result of unique process of specific conditions aligned within the artist and its materials. An autonomous procedure is followed resulting in the conclusions. These conditions lead to the creation of these biomorphic flora and fauna. When these mutants spawn, they are documenting the material culture of today. Another aspect of the end product is the process these creations go through. This process investigates the negative and positive impacts of industrialization on the environment. The lab integrates from the backdrop becoming part of the work. Ordinary objects, parts and pieces, works in progress are included in the dialogue. The lines begin to blurr questioning what is and isn’t art. One may question when a work is complete further adding to the conversation. All the work fabricated was by using impulsive actions documenting the moment. A connection between time, space and sound fall into play when work is made. The works produce thought and inquiry into what materials were utilized and how the future of industrialization may become self sustainable.
© henry kielmanowicz | Amigo  8573
2018 Sculpture | Amigo
Mixed Media , Recycled Glass , 6"x16"x8", 2018
USD $2,500
© henry kielmanowicz | Amigo  8574
2018 Sculpture | Amigo
Mixed Media , Recycled Glass , 36"x34"x42", 2018
USD $25,000
© henry kielmanowicz | A Three Legged Horse Named Tripod 8575
2018 Sculpture | A Three Legged Horse Named Tripod
Mixed Media , Recycled Glass , 36"x34"x42", 2018
USD $22,000
© henry kielmanowicz | Blurst 8576
2018 Mixed Media | Blurst
Mixed Media , Recycled Glass , Copper, Resin, 4"x10"x14", 2018
USD $3,500
© henry kielmanowicz | Hey Man, I'm Rocking Out!  8577
2018 Sculpture | Hey Man, I'm Rocking Out!
Mixed Media , Recycled Glass , Resin, Aerosols, 16"x18"x28", 2018
USD $18,000
© henry kielmanowicz | Viro Jelly  8578
2018 Sculpture | Viro Jelly
studio REfuse of REsin and glass mixed Aerosols, 32X36X24", 2018
USD $18,000