2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Manss Aval

San Diego CA USA
My paintings typically begin with observations of natural patterns, textures or other structures that evolve into lyrical compositions of form and colorful rhythms. I am particularly intrigued by trees and other plants and their ability to communicate both internally and with neighboring species. Largely unnoticed by most humans due to hauteur, trees are in perpetual motion and display their individuality not only by their branching patterns but also with distinct emotional expressions. I see faces, designs and complete figures, elation, melancholy, surprise and sensuality. Working with vivid, striking colors, I see my pieces as embodiment of fantastic creatures and dream scenarios that present a smoothing balance to harsh social realities. Inspired by the natural environment I focus in my photography on infusing life into “inanimate“ objects and transforming them into actors that present our environment in a different, more intimate perspective. I seek to acknowledge Nature’s beauty and fragility, to create a repository for introspective thought and perhaps prompt a call for conservation.
© Manss Aval | Moonlight Seduction 5123
2014 Painting | Moonlight Seduction
Mixed media, 48x48, 2014
USD $2,950
© Manss Aval | Tidal Wave  5124
2014 Painting | Tidal Wave
Oil, 48x48, 2014
USD $3,250
© Manss Aval | Polar Bird  5125
2014 Painting | Polar Bird
Oil, 36x36, 2014
USD $3,575