2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Andrea DeJong

Iowa City IA USA
My work is driven by a belief in multiple realities and parallel universes. In this series, I explore terrains that exist a step to the left of our own tangible world. I attempt to capture the spaces in between where the uncanny and unnamed dwell in various states of becoming.
© Andrea  DeJong | Anomaly 3430
2013 Painting | Anomaly
oil on panel, 22x22 in., 2013
USD $3,500
© Andrea  DeJong | This Glacial Haunt 3431
2013 Painting | This Glacial Haunt
oil on panel, 24x23 in., 2012
USD $3,500
© Andrea  DeJong | Split the Ridge 3436
2013 Painting | Split The Ridge
oil on canvas, 20x20 in., 2013
USD $3,000