2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Hector Cruet

Puerto Rico PR USA
My designs easy-to-understand and self-explainable, since I believe that simple design is functional. This is why, for the vast majority of my designs I use a minimalist style, in this way the communication cannot be interpreted in a wrong way. Work with encoding of Web page and the other part of my designs have more organic forms the majority are inspired in nature already believe that it should be the main piece and which reminds us of the beautiful forms of where we live and the Earth. Many of the projects that I have worked with discuss the environment issue, I believe that it’s important to think in our surroundings as the main home. To understand my work people must think in shapes, sounds and spectacular inspirations nature.
© Hector Cruet | Atmósfera I 6946
2017 Mixed Media | Atmósfera I
Digital, 11 x 16.5, 2016
USD $450