2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Ayumi Tanaka

New York NY USA
I have been working on collage work by using photography and three-dimensional mixed media. As approaching with the use of fairytales to tell personal stories, I try to silhouette remembrance and oblivescence of own childhood. As exposing and hiding the emotional component, I try to seek depth of memories by multiple layers of shadows of mementos within a diorama. The stories are comprised of private snap shots, craft paper cutout images, and appropriate images from the Internet as symbols to create stories besides photographs that I take for collage components.
© Ayumi Tanaka | My Secret Garden 3813
2013 Mixed Media | My Secret Garden
Wood, Films, Light bulbs, 13x11x10”, 2012
USD $1,800
© Ayumi Tanaka | You have more than I do. 3814
2013 Mixed Media | You Have More Than I Do.
Woos, Films, Light Bulbs, 11x9x8”, 2012
USD $1,600
© Ayumi Tanaka | The Kitchen 3815
2013 Mixed Media | The Kitchen
Wood, Films, Light bulbs, 11x9x8”, 2012
USD $1,600