2015 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Vladimir Umanski

Growing up in St. Petersburg, Russia, I was educated by a family of artists. Painting my first painting as a young child I knew that art would become a passion for me. Following in my families footsteps, I attended The Academy of Fine Art in St. Petersburg, graduating in 1971 with a bachelor’s degree. Shortly after, I was nominated and accepted as a member of the Guild of Artists in Russia. Over the years, I have mastered new functions of rhythm and color and have carefully created my artistic “self”. My paintings are inspired by the forms and laws of magnificent mother nature and display a world of charm and beauty. I created my world of infinite techniques, textures, materials, perfection of composition, richness and harmony of the palette. I work with a diverse set of mediums ranging from oils and acrylics to pastel and enamel. My artistic passion expands to create elegant jewelry composed of stones and coral from around the world.
© Vladimir Umanski | Venice. Canal 6837
2015 Graphics | Venice. Canal
Oil, canvas, 18x22, 2010
USD $1,500
© Vladimir Umanski | Paris. Roses 6836
2015 Graphics | Paris. Roses
Oil, masonite, 45x31, 2015
USD $3,000
© Vladimir Umanski | Parisian Window 6835
2015 Graphics | Parisian Window
Oil, masonite, 40x45, 2015
USD $3,000