2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Boulat Kitaev

Boulat Kitaev graduated the V.I. Surikov Institute of Art, Moscow, Russia with Master's Degree in Art. His paintings presented in museums and private collections in Russia, Europe and USA. In 1991 he was working in Finland for private clients, painting portraits and landscapes. In 2005 graduated New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Health Science. Throughout all these years , Boulat remained passionate about painting and his desire to continue creating the art. His artwork focuses on capturing the beauty of life in combination with infinite movement of vital energy, filled with depth and emotions. Boulat developed a unique style based on principals of traditional European art mixed with Eastern philosophies that explain the circulation of positive energy in his paintings.
© Boulat Kitaev | Voyage On The Blue Cube 7937
2017 Painting | Voyage On The Blue Cube
Acrylic, Canvas, 36"x36", 2017
USD $5,000