2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Noushin Ourmazd

London United Kingdom
My photography takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues in less fortunate societies specially Iran, my homeland. I quest the unknown and I look for the light within the shadows. I am interested in the way becoming part of a society, can establish identity, but also takes the emphasis away from the individual. I aim to show how all the confinement and limitation in Iranian society has caused people confusion and loss of identity. My KHANOM series aims at a photography that explore how women scarifies their truth and freedom for financial and emotional security, while not always, this scarifies in many cases can mean their submission to chauvinism and male dominance. My recent work embodies the stories that are unknown and not at first apparent. I photographed Iranian men, women and children in their environments, where they are more relent. I am curious what lay behind their eyes, who they are and who they desire to be. I would like to acquire an awareness of Iranian families in their intimate surrounding, even though feeling more secure, but still with a trace of confusion in their eyes. In my work I am interested in finding something invisible and hidden in us, the essence of human ability in adaptation for survival. My choice of subject comes from a place of intuition and is fuelled by a vigorous desire to partake in the stories that unfold in society. Some of my subject matter is about people's daily routines and their intimate environments. In my mixed media work I take the same vision to transfer a view of my surrounding to an art piece. I use painting, printing, photography and different materials (mostly come from nature) to show not only beauty, but also the ambiguity in our feelings, which comes from the light and dark inside human being I would like to treat my work, either Photography or Mixed media, like painting, looking for light and shadow and treat every little details individually to extend its potential. Noushin Ourmazd Info@noushinourmazd.com http://www.noushinourmazd.com
© Noushin Ourmazd | Motory 4873
2014 Photography | Motory
photography, 90cm x 60 cm, 2013
USD $1,500
© Noushin Ourmazd | kew london 4884
2014 Mixed Media | Kew London
mixed, 80cm x 60 cm, 2011
USD $1,400
© Noushin Ourmazd | Khastegi 4885
2014 Photography | Khastegi
Photography, 75cm x 50cm, 2013
USD $1,500
© Noushin Ourmazd | Three men 4886
2014 Photography | Three Men
Photography, 75cm x 50cm, 2013
USD $1,200
© Noushin Ourmazd | Veil 4887
2014 Photography | Veil
Photography, 78cm X 50cm, 2013
USD $1,400